Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Back, after two months

It's been a while. Someone's mentioned how Shadowfall's going- well, I played over it this week and I'm suffering from a little bit of product dismay; at least, I know I've done a lot of better stuff since. So while I figure out whether it's worth ploughing through and redoing it all, or releasing it as might not be up-to-scratch, I've been working on a few other mini-projects.

One's a sci-fi experiment that won't be released live; the other is a couple of desert areas. And I've spent the last few days coming up with a concept for the Hallowe'en project.

The idea is; one night per year (Hallowe'en) Kelemvor releases the dead and the damned into a pocket plane for a carnival they'll never forget. Plus, if they can complete certain challenges, the damned can return to earth...

Carnival of Souls it is, then.

1) Enjoy the light-hearted circus games- lobbing coconuts, say, at severed heads.
2) Meet friendly, like-minded people.
3) Accept the challenges.
4) Find true romance.
5) Face your darkest fears.

Desert Town

First of two desert areas (the second one's a desert city, below, populated with a few Red Wizard encounters) I'm at a loss to include anywhere. And yes, the decor for this one does bear some resemblance to the SoZ screenshots. (Inspired, not stole. Inspired.)

Desert Battle

I'm not sure what I want to do with these two areas. I do like 'em, though- and there's a great new Day/Night 'African Desert' on the Vault which would go great with them.

Kult Screenies

This is the project which will probably never come to light, as it was only really ever an attempt to see how far I could stretch the toolset in terms of making an NWN2 sci-fi module without breaking out the custom content. But I think I've learnt a lot from this in terms of being more adventurous in modding.
But, yes, that is a young Ammon Jerro in the 4th shot- and I do want to use him sometime, if I get a chance, as a romanceable companion, in another mod.