Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A Night at the Gala (Undercover)

The Masked Ball is...well, not nearly complete (as obvious by the clusters of similar-looking people wearing the same colour, and the single butler wandering around). I'm adding in more movement, more NPCs...some of whom are ambassadors from beloved FR locations.
This section's going to be a bit of fun, really. You're sneaking into the ball under the guise of the Waterdhavian Ambassador- but you can either hurry on and throw away your disguise as quickly as possible, or, if you're feeling cheeky, hang around the ball hob-nobbing with the emissaries, insulting powerful states and baiting Vaxis, the antagonist. Being 'undercover' is also a great way for you to encounter the villain, trade a few (verbal) blows, without it having to end with him/her teleporting away rather than fight.
Also a shot (still messing around with height/distance) of another cutscene from the top of Vaxis' tower. It will be tidier.
Almost forgot...congratulations to the Golden Dragon winners!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Back in town

Returning to the toolset for the first time in ages...I wanted to go for something epic...so I began work on the Forlorn Tower endsequence. I've cut most of the cutscene bars out to avoid spoilers, but I liked the feel of the area already too much not to share!
The mountain on the right-hand side in the second screenshot is going to be Shadowfall...once I can summon the patience to make a 0.1 replica of all the buildings. Creating a 'tower' outside area was fraught with problems, number one among which was the stretched textures. Obviously building the cliffs up a bit, changing angles etc can help towards that...but tbh...it's a tower, it has to be pretty vertical. I was pleasantly surprised with the last screenshot, because the stretching actually gives an impression of speed and falling when the static camera's at that angle. Yeah....deliberate artistic decision...hmm...

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Final post for a while...

If these last few days have seemed like a blitz of action...well, that's because they have been. I've got some decent looking stuff down in preparation for at least a fortnight away from the toolset or NWN2; but before I went, I did get a chance to test-play the majority of the mod up until the Stair with a full party (excluding Char, so it's a total of 7 including the PC). I had a hell of a lot of fun, though obviously it affects gameplay and difficulty!
Anyway, accounting for the rest of the Stair-puzzles will take a while- and the Forlorn Tower, plus polishing off some combat for the 'Tale of Two Gangs' sidequest, perhaps a few mini-quests (I'm thinking of giving Char a 'hitlist' evil or neutral characters can help him complete)..well, I don't want to talk about release dates for the alpha yet. Major concern at the moment is the 'Masked Ball'- I'm torn as to whether to keep it a nice, crowded 'chatting' static event or to horribly complicate things by trying to have actual dancing, probably slowing game speed by who knows what...any good scripters out there have suggestions on the subject?

Few more shots...

Monday, 2 June 2008

Screenshots-Underground Stair

Bit of work on the Underground Stair and an antagonist cutscene to keep Vaxis in the PC's mind; tomorrow I'm planning to get a decent bit of the Stair done and hopefully some NPC conversation for Trent (that troubled past!) and Crow (tricky, considering she speaks half-gibberish).